“Dan, This is Kathlynn C. I want to thank you for sending out Tom. He did an excellent job… I’m still a little upset here… He did an excellent job at saving that little precious hummingbird. He is excellent with animals, he is also excellent with people. I thought he just had EXCELLENT people skills also; and i just wanted to thank you for sending him out so quickly!  I’ve just worked myself up (*customer sniffles on the message*). I’m gonna keep your Yellow Page AD…I’m gonna cut it out and keep it, in case I need to have y’all out again. Thank you SO MUCH, Bye bye!


“Thank you so very much for your wonderful service in ridding our house of field mice. I know this is not an easy job because of the unusual construction. Your patience and professionalism with repeated phone calls and a house call on short notice to accommodate our contractor are very much appreciated. You are wonderful.”

Winter Animal Removal Pest Control Services Opens Near Me

“I wanted to drop your company a line to thank you for being honest and holding up on your animal exclusion guarantee (those rats really can chew through almost anything!!). I appreciate it greatly. We shall continue to do business with you and refer you to others anytime we have a chance to. It was nice to actually do business with a company where a guarantee actually means something. Thank you!”


“Our cat was stuck in our tree (about 60 feet up!), and we couldn’t leave her there because 2 hawks were trying to get her. As my son sprayed them with a hose, I called at least 6 businesses and left urgent messages. Brian at All Things Wild, Greenville branch was the only one who responded. He dropped everything and rushed over. So glad to have our cat safe in the house again!”


“All Things Wild (Brian) came to take care of a bat issue in our house (we had 12 or 13 bats just hanging out in our kitchen and den after we got back from a weekend vacation)! They were thorough, thoughtful and kind, they removed the bats quickly, and made sure our chimney was patched up to prevent this from happening again. Though I hope you never have bats in your house, if you do, I happily recommend these guys”